How to Fall Back in Love

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Marriage is a long-term commitment and responsibility. That can be stressing enough even for a very loving husband and wife. The routine of marriage can be disastrous for many couples who don’t know how to enjoy it, and therefore can’t avoid sinking into boredom.

However, it’s more than possible to make your partner to fall in love with you again, and to fall in love yourself. Here are a few basic tips:

Live Your Life

Don’t put all your efforts into your partner and family alone. Make time for YOUR hobbies, plans and dreams, they are just as important. Be the exciting and interesting person your partner has once fallen in love with.

Be Independent

For a marriage to succeed, the partners must be independent. It may sound bad, but I’ll say it nonetheless: Fake it till you make it. Don’t badger your partner with “you don’t love me anymore”s. Yes, I know it’s hard, but imagine how YOU would feel if your partner followed you around, whining. Love him or her you may, but it’s still annoying as hell, and will not make your partner respect you. Respect yourself. A needy, clingy person is not attractive. A free, energetic, independent individual is.

Break the Routine

Want to rediscover your romance and intimacy? Find the time to be together, just the two of you. Kids ( if you have any) are important, but the family won’t work without you and your spouse. And oh, don’t wait for your other half to initiate sex. Surprise your partner. Somehow, it always works.

Give What You Want to Get

Sex isn’t the only thing you can initiate instead of complaining about not having it. Give your partner both the thrill and the warmth that you wish to get from him or her yourself. Trust me, you’ll be rewarded.

Ask for Relationship Advice

Counseling may prove not as scary as it might sound. As for those who prefer their help printed, you will find plenty of material on the web. The relationship expert Dr. Lee H. Baucom offers some sound advice, and it might be a good place to start.

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