There will always be another issue and you will forever be making amendments to your family constitution. But if you seem to argue too often, you better do something about it.

Domestic abuse is when one partner in marriage or an intimate relationship seeks to control and dominate the other. Learn about the signs of an abusive relationship.

A long distance marriage is not an easy experience. Those whose spouse spends much of their time abroad on business know that well enough. The spouse that remains at home has a lot on his/her mind: How will I manage everything on my own? Who’ll help with the kids? And the most worrying thought of them all: what if my...

During the course of my work, I receive copious mails from men and women, requesting my advice regarding their marriages. Some complain about an unfaithful husband or wife, others say their partners don't care for sex anymore. Naturally, all of them feel bad and want to solve their issues. Surprisingly enough, no...

Your partner is no longer as loving and caring as they used to be. And then comes this unbelievable “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore”.

Surviving infidelity is: When you realize that the person you love the most is having an affair, the pain is tremendous. Can a relationship survive after an extramarital affair?

Fighting with your spouse will not cause your relationship to fall apart. It is completely normal to argue, and there's nothing wrong with occasional shouting matches. However, arguing is an art by itself, and there are some things you should not say.

Some choose to live in a sexless marriage, but that's not what you would call a healthy relationship. Physical love is important, and marriage doesn't necessarily kill the spark.

Trial separation CAN save your marriage. It may provide the much-needed space and time to calm down and evaluate your marriage from a fresh perspective. However, it is up to you to decide whether this method fits you. If you and your spouse decide to give it a try, be sure to agree on the terms. Both should know what...

Dr. John Gottman of Gottman Institute tells all about what makes a happy marriage.