My Spouse Hates Me

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  • Sandra M.

    “Let’s make something clear: If your partner doesn’t have an affair, it still doesn’t mean everything’s great. ”

    So true.

  • Abe

    I can’t imagine myself just waiting and hoping that it will be alright. whatever, if ?I can do something, even reading a book about it or go to counseling, I’ll feel better. At least I’m doing ssomrthing.

  • Melinda


    I really need some advice. My husband just totally ignores me, and when ?I beg him to talk about our marriage he just rolls his eyes, like, “here she goes again”. what am I supposed to do about this?! He doesn’t want divorce, I’m positive about that, but how can we contoinue living like taht?! that’s not notmal, and I’m miserable!

  • baidu

    My wife won’t have sex with me and looks resentful all the time, please help.

  • Trouble Marriage


    I sent you a reply via e-mail. Please check your Spam, just in case.

    Best Regards

  • Houda

    What i do that my husband is not happy with me?
    i am so tired for my life reason that my hby he is not understand me i wnat to that i ingnore him

  • Ann

    Been married 40 plus years and they haven’t been pleasent at all. Now my husband say we are not married, its called a friendship. And basiclly that how he has treated me. We hadn’t had sex, intimacy, or any kind of loving in all these years. Maybe we had sex a half dozen times other than that nothing. Almost all our married life he has lived on the lower level of our house, I have the upstairs. I see a lady shrink once every two weeks and she lends a shoulder to cry on, if it wasn’t for her I would be lost. I’ve made alot of friends outside the house and that helps. But I miss the strong shoulders of a man to cry on. I should of left him years ago but I waited way to long, and now its to late. He has a small pension and some s.s. and its just enough to live on. In my mid 60s now and I’ll just have to live with my life…

  • Trouble Marriage

    Dear Ann,

    I’m so sorry you feel that way. It’s a bit comforting to hear, however, that you have many friends. I sincerely hope yu will spend more time with them, or doing whatever makes life worth living for you, and less time crying on your lady shrink’s shoulder. Starting a new life is never easy, but I still think you have a chance of meeting someone. Even if you think it’s too late.

  • Juan

    Why is it always the wife that hates the husband, I’d like to know?!?!

  • Steph

    I need some advice. My husband decided 6 months ago that he doesn’t need sex anymore, nor any physical touching at all. He says he isn’t attracted to anyone else either, but I can’t help but feel completely offended all the time. He says he still loves me, but won’t hug or kiss me anymore, and only says I love you at night when I tell him first. Our relationship has become strained and uncomfortable. However we don’t fight, we are both peacemakers. He says he’s not sure he wants to be married anymore, and the only reason he stays is because of our 4 kids. Please help….

  • Trouble Marriage

    It’s natural to want sex with your husband, so your feelings are more than understandable. It seems that your husband has lost interest, and the situation is not healthy for your relationship. However, since he claims to love you and doesn’t initiate divorce, even if it is for the sake of the kids, I’d try to convince him to try counseling, or, if it doesn’t suit him or you, some kind of sexual therapy. Do try to convince your husband that if you stay together, it’s best that the two of you enjoy physical contact. I cannot offer you an easy solution for you, unfortunately. Rebuilding a relationship takes two, and it’s best your husband cooperates. After many years together, sex is not the same. It can still be wonderful, but one has to “work” more for it, and not everybody are ready for this, or know how to do it, even if they want to. That’s what sexual therapy is for.

  • B

    I recently did orrery husbands affair with a young coworker that has been going on for a year. I’m heartbroken and devistated, but not completely surprised because we were having communication issues and he distanced himself from me and rejected sex. He left our home for two months he has no returned noting he wants to work on our marriage but is apprehensive, it’s hard to stop all ties with the OW ( she has already reached out to him on a few occasions), told me he resentments me from past quarrels years ago that I apologized for. He knows that I have changed and I’m not the person I use to be thanks to IC I initiated prior to all of this coming out. He is not certain he could bring down the wall he built. He have been going to MC but he doesn’t seem motIved to put in the effort. He is overwhelmed in his there still a chance for us? Our MC has recommended IC for him. It is going on three months from D day

  • Trouble Marriage

    It seems that you put serious efforts into rebuilding your marriage, so at this stage, I’d say it is up to your husband do decide whether he is interested. He may have had his reasons for the affair, but nevertheless, an affair is an affair, and he is responsible for it, which means you’re not the only one who should apologize and your husband is not the only one who has the right to feel a bit resentful. That is not to say that you are to build walls of your own and I’d definitely recommend couple therapy, but in my opinion, it is up to your husband to overcome his resentment and decide whether or not he wants to try again. I do wish you good luck.

  • Rhael

    My husband and I always fight about his family (mom & sibling’s) financial issues. My husband is dependent to me. And worst no sex life. 🙁
    Pls. help…

  • Trouble Marriage


    That’s an awkward situation for a couple to be in. The best thing for you to do is to try avoiding the family issue altogether. If impossible, cut the conversation when you feel it’s turning into a fight, or gradually change the subject. IF nothing works, consider telling your husband, directly, that you don’t want to talk about. Speak softly, but be sure of yourself. And no, you absolutely do not have to support your husband’s family financially. As for supporting your husband, this is your decision, if there’s nothing to do and it works for you.

    Now, for your sex life. Has your husband lost interest, or there’s something else?

  • Heidi

    My husband has alienated my from my friends and family and now controls the only vehicle we own. I am stuck at home I am 55 and disabled. He is so cruel to me and only thinks of himself. We have been through together for 23 years and I don’t know what to do. We had to file bankruptcy because he was layer off and didn’t seek any employment for two years! He never once looked for a job and he didn’t even fill out his own unemployment forms weekly I did it! We have two children that suffer his verbal abuse also. I have called the police on him and because he had no place to go I had to leave my home. How do I get out without losing my home that I have worked so hard for? We live in the same home he has his bedroom and I have mine but he has no problem Eve’s dropping on conversations I am having or bursting in my bedroom at 3 am so he can go to gym and needed is clothes! This frightens me each time out of a deep sleep, he doesn’t care! Help me please? He calls me names like bitch and many more hurtful hateful words. I have no self convidance any more, no friends and no way out

  • Heidi,

    It sounds bad. I’d say you better separate from your husband and leave the house if you can. Are social services an option for you?

  • Michael

    My wife seems to take pleasure in being extremely unpleasant to me. As to a sex life hat is now immaterial, we have not had sex in many years. I honestly do not know why my wife hates me. From my perspective I am kind and loving. I am faithful and try to be there for her moods and the bad times she seems to have.

    To divorce is not an easy option as there will be incredible fall out. My parents I know will become depressed, my children are 2 and 4 and should have both folks around. My wife lies about me as it is, and I know she will lie to the children as to why we may divorce etc. I truly feel trapped on this